Headlight Restoration
Do your headlights seem to not be as bright as they use to be?  Are
you having a difficult time seeing the road ahead?  Are your headlights
yellowed or fogged? What has most likely happened is the UV coating
on the light has failed leaving the light unprotected and exposed to the
elements.  Much like when anything plastic is left out in the sun
unprotected it will begin to deteriorate and fade.  We will resurface the
headlights bringing them back to their original clean and clear
appearance.  Once the lens is clean and clear, a new UV coating is
applied to keep the lens looking great for years to come.  

Be careful of other places saying they can clean up your headlights.  
Make sure they are reapplying a UV coating and not just buffing the
headlights.  If they don't, then they are only temporarily fixing the  
problem and it will return.  Get it done right the first time and get what you are paying
for.  Don't risk the safety of your family and the safety of others and get your yellowed
or fogged headlights repaired correctly today.  This service is great for all types of
plastic including tail lights, turn signals, instrument cluster covers, and signs.  We
guarantee our work for one year.

Price - $99.00
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