Detailing Services
Express Detail
Package B
Automobiles are the 2nd most expensive investment the average
American will make.  Even if you lease your vehicle, the condition is
taken into consideration when the vehicle is returned.  It only makes
sense to protect that investment.  Detailing your vehicle regularly
will help ensure that when you decide to sell or trade your vehicle in,
you will get maximum dollar for it.  

Why choose Excellence Mobile Detail?  Not only do we provide
Bartlesville's premier reconditioning services, we come to you and
work on your schedule.  We have trained technicians working on your
car who are certified from one of the largest auto reconditioning
training facilities in the U.S.  Going to these lengths for training
helps eliminate mistakes and errors that other detail facilities might
make.  We strive for perfection and nothing less.  Our details can
take up to 48 hrs to complete with Package A detail requiring 10hrs.
Package A
This detail is intended for vehicles who's paint is in good
condition or has been recently detailed.  Detail includes a  
hand wash, wheel and tire cleaning.  Interior is vacuumed
and surfaces are wiped down.  Dash, door panels, and
center console surfaces are all dressed with a premium
dressing.  Door jams and hinge areas are wiped down.  Tires
are dressed and an express wax is applied to exterior
painted surfaces.  Windows are cleaned and final inspection

Prices start at $89.00*
This package is intended to take your vehicle
and make it look better than the day you
picked it up from the dealership.  This is also
a great choice for someone who is looking to
sell their vehicle either outright or to a
dealership.  This package includes a hand
wash and clay bar vehicle prep.  Clay bar will
remove bonded contaminants and prepare the
painted surfaces for polishing and wax application.  Wheels, tires and wheel wells are all
thoroughly cleaned.  Premium dressing is then applied to all exterior rubber and trim
surfaces.  All interior surfaces are wiped down and cleaned.  Carpet, mats and trunk are
all vacuumed and then shampooed with a heated commercial carpet cleaner.  If vehicle
has cloth seats then the seats are vacuumed and shampooed.  If vehicle has leather,
then all leather is cleaned and conditioned.  Interior surfaces are dressed with a premium
dressing and buffed to a satin sheen.  Exterior painted surfaces receive a single step
polish to remove fine micro scratches and light oxidation.  Once polished a premium wax
is added to the surface to protect and increase luster to the paint.  Door jams, trunk
jams, and hood jams are all cleaned.  Glass surfaces are cleaned.

Prices start at $199.00*
This package is intended for the discerning
automotive enthusiast or to prep a vehicle for a
show.  All steps from Package A are included,
however additional steps are taken in certain
areas and ultra premium products are used
throughout.  Leather seats are cleaned and
conditioned using Connolly, Leatherique, or
Lexol.  A multi-step paint correction process
using Menzerna polishes for the ultimate gloss and image depth.  Once polished,
Wolfgang sealer is applied and allowed to molecularly bond to the freshly cleaned
surface.  Next, wax from Wolfgang, Pinnacle, Dodo Juice, or Collonite (Customer Choice)
is applied.  Again, this service is intended for the person who only wants the absolute
best for their vehicle.  This is a very time consuming process and will require we have
access to your vehicle for two days.

Prices start at $349.00*
A La Carte Services
Express Wash - Exterior Washed, interior vacuumed, dash wiped down, windows cleaned,
wheels and tires cleaned, tires dressed. - $39.00*
Engine Cleaning - $35.00*
Interior Detail - $125.00*
Exterior Detail - $125.00*
Leather and Trim Clean and Cond. - $65.00*
Odor Removal, inc. Interior Detail and Ozone machine - $179.00*
Carpet and Seat Shampoo - $79.00*
Fabric and Seat protectant - $49.00*
Convertible Top Cleaning and Treatment -  $79.00*
Tree, Tar, and Overspray Removal - $49.00*
Polymer Paint Sealant - $49.00*

*Price listed is starting price and actual price is determined by condition and size of
vehicles.  Price will increase as size of vehicle increases.  All prices are subject to change
at any time without prior notification.
To schedule an appointment for any of these services
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